VOX Satchurator Review

Vox Satchurator
Vox Satchurator

The new VOX Satchurator pedal has arrived! This new Joe Satriani signature pedal feels really good, so we have taken the immediate opportunity to add the gadget to an available pedal board and play this pedal some days in a row at rehearsals.

We are pretty convinced about the features; it’s built solid, sounds amazing and is pretty low noise. Until now we have not used this pedal in studio for the current projects, but even as a pre-information, it sounds surprisingly good. This gadget will stay definitely in our pedal collection.

One of the first observations was the really low-noise, even at high gain stages, not bad. Used in front of a clean guitar amplifier or just a crunched one, we are positively surprised. A second observation relates to the low current draw and the fact that in all by us tested power supply combinations, the pedal has not introduced additional hum.

More info will be published as soon we have used the pedal in the recording/production process.

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